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Built4 Woodworking

Woodworking is all about patterns and diagrams. Being such a popular hobby we designed this software just for woodworkers. Save your patterns, magazine locations, and pictures in one handy location. Spend more time in the workroom doing what you love most- woodworking!

If you would rather build than search … then you need Built4 Woodworking.

Built4 Woodworking

Pick up your copy today at this great low price. Price verified at posting but may change without prior notice.

Spending too much time trying to find that one pattern that you know you have…. somewhere? Does you computer have folders and folders filled with woodworking patterns and photos?Built4 Woodworking is built to help organize the patterns and ideas you find online or in your favorite magazine. Rate the difficulty of the project, include the source author, and indicate the cost factor. Documents can be attached to the project and easily found at a later date. Highlight project time frame, add sticky notes and even print out your shopping list.

Built4 Woodworking by DarkStone Data

Check out some of the features usually not found in software at this price range.

  • Fast learning curve
  • Data entry mode prevents data loss
  • Sortable categories
  • Cut’n Paste or type in
  • Add detailed photos

  • Five reports to view and print
  • Quick reference charts
  • Many optional fields
  • No leasing or monthly costs.
  • Bonus databases for your favorite websites, suppliers and magazines

If math on the fly is not your strong point, quick conversion unit may help. Reference charts for standard measurements, metric conversion, square area, fraction-decimal, actual wood sizes, and board foot.

And best of all NO HIDDEN FEES. Purchase Built4 Woodworking and install on unlimited number of computers within your home.

FREE TO TRY. Use the software for 30 days and then activate without losing your information.

Online manual available that includes many screenshots like the one below. Visit DarkStone Data for more information. Check out all the great features with no obligations.
View of Built4 Woodworking
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