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Sci-fi Fantasy Thiller- SHIAM Conspiracy

Sci-Fi Fantasy Thiller- SHIAM Conspiracy

Simulated Human Intelligence Anatomic Module or known as SHIAMS. Set in the near future, enter a world mixed with technology and magic. A modern world where humans, elves, dwarfs, orks and sorcerers live and work together. The world of Amoco Loch.

Zak Harris never wanted to be a hero. He certainly didn’t want to be responsible for saving the entire planet. But when he reluctantly accepted a contract to find a missing SHIAM android prototype, he walked blindly into a fate that had already claimed him.

SHIAM Conspiracy

Special Edition: Book 1 & 2 included
Sci-Fi Fantasy Thriller

$4.99 USD

SHIAM Conspiracy sold by SmashwordsCurrently there are two books in this sci-fi fantasy thriller series. Book 1 is being offered free by the author for a limited time. No strings attached, just download and enjoy in your choice of format: epub, mobi or pdf.

SHIAM Conspiracy BOOK 1

SPECIAL EDITION is the complete story which includes both Book 1 & 2.

Want to learn more about the world of Amaco Loch and Joseph Heck, author of SHIAM Conspiracy? VISIT SHIAM.NET
SHIAM Conspiracy sold by Kobo
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