It’s Saturday : Adventures With Kala- Picture Book


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday… it’s Saturday!

It's Saturday

Mouse drawn illustrated children's picture ebook online told from Kala's point of view about having fun on Saturday.

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‘It’s Saturday’, a mouse drawn children’s picture book available online told from Kala’s point of view.

It’s all about having fun on Saturday.



Everyone loves the weekends, but I love Saturday the best.

Hi. I am Kala. I’m the sweetest Australian Shepherd to ever write a book. Ok, so I am not actually writing the book, I got some helpers doing the typing. But the stories … they are all mine.

I’m not just a cartoon, I am a real dog! And these are the stories of my own adventures.

Joe, my bhf, you know -best human friend- and me live for Saturdays. See, he works all week and to tell the truth, he gets a bit crabby during the week.

So… when Saturday comes along, I know he wants to get up bright and early. Getting Joe up and out of bed is my job and I take my job very seriously.

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Enjoy stories that include Kala’s favorite adventures and her life as told through her point of view. Read Saturday mornings with Kala. This is the third book in her series which includes mouse drawn illustrations based on her photographs.

Author Website
Take time to get to know the author of the Adventures With Kala series. Cheri also offers free downloadable coloring pages. Read about Kala and the illustrations used in her blog.

 VISIT KALA’S WEBSITE :: contact Author.


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