I Am Kala : Adventure With Kala

Hi. I Am Kala

I’m the sweetest Australian Shepherd to ever write a book. Ok, so I am not actually writing the book, I got a helper doing the typing.  But the stories … they are all mine.

I’m not just a cartoon, I am a real dog! No one ever said being a pup would be easy.   My luck really changed the day I met Joe.

You see, no one knew how sick I was. I was rescued from a bad breeder who had too many dogs and not enough care. Joe stood by me and my doc took good care of me.

Yep, I survived puppyhood and got a friend for life.  Life is too short not to have fun or so my dad used to tell me!

I Am Kala

Mouse drawn illustrated child's book told from Kala's point of view.

I Am Kala sold by Smashwords

‘I Am Kala’, a mouse drawn children’s picture book available online told from Kala’s point of view.

Kala might have had a rough start in life, but things got better once she moved in with Joe.

Learn about the problems of being a rescue pup and Kala’s puppy troubles.

I Am Kala sold by Kobo
This is the second book in her series which includes a few actual photos as well as mouse drawn illustrations based on her photographs.

Author Website
Take time to get to know the author of the Adventures With Kala series. Cheri also offers free downloadable coloring pages. Read about Kala and the illustrations used in her blog.

 VISIT KALA’S WEBSITE :: contact Author.


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Mouse drawn illustrated children's ebook online about an Australian Shepherd dog named Kala and weekend fun.


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