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DarkStone Data offers home, hobby and small business software that works the way you need it to work. Simply interface allows you to interact with the application and quickly get back to the things you enjoy most. From crafts to woodworking, organize your patterns, drawings and more.

Currently there are four software applications available. Based on Filemaker database technology, they are offered in a standalone format and Filemaker format..

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DarkStone Data Software

Built4 Pets

Know when their last shot was, weight, or next yearly checkup date. Now you can track their diets, have fast access to their vet's contact information, and even keep notes on behavior. When you need your pet's information quick and without a hassle, depend on Built4 Pets.

$14.99 $24.99

Built4 Crafts

Crafting is all about ideas, patterns and instructions. So many craft projects to choose from, we designed this software just for crafters. Save your patterns, magazine locations, and pictures in one handy location. Spend more time doing what you love most, crafting!

$10.99 $14.99

Built4 Woodworking

Woodworking is all about patterns and diagrams. Being such a popular hobby we designed this software just for woodworkers. Save your patterns, magazine locations, and pictures in one handy location. Spend more time in the workroom doing what you love most.

$10.99 $14.99

Built4 Recipes

Looking for a basic quick cut and paste styled recipe manager? If this is your style, then this is the software for you. Sortable categories, rating systems, photos, notes and more features are available as optional features. Just store your recipes or use all the fancy features. Reference cookbooks on your computer with ease.

$5.99 $14.99


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