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Rough Start For Kala

Mar 302017

In the second book in the Adventures With Kala series, I AM KALA, my little pup is found to be very sick.  Due to this being a children's book, I didn't go into the details of her illness.  Needless to say that her breeder was not a responsible breeder.  She was breeding this pups from her home and in all appearances seemed fine.  The yard and pet area clean and dogs were friendly and playful. Honestly, I had no idea how bad things were about to get.

Sure, I can smile thinking back now, as they say, time does have a way of forgiving.  I guess what bothered me was the fact that Kala came with a record of health from an actual vet clinic. 

Ok, let's start at the beginning.  It was INSTANT love.  She was running around the yard playing and turned staring at me.  It was her eyes, she looked at me as if we had always known each other.  I didn't even hesitate.  She was the one for me. 

Stopping for puppy food and puppy pads, we made our way home.  Three L-O-N-G hours later, my sweet little girl was home.   Later that night I noticed Kala struggling on the pad.  It looked like spaghetti was coming out of her bum.  No way!  I was HORRIFIED.  All the years as a pet owner I had never seen anything like this.  I never knew worms could get so long in such a young pup.  They were still moving.  OMG  they were alive!  My heart went out to her as my mind was screaming GROSS!!!

Scooping up the worms and the stool in a throwaway container, I made plans to visit the local vet asap.  This was not my first rodeo!  The doctor put it under the microscope.  Doctor N. asked if I wanted to see the slide.  She began explaining what I was looking at.  Kala had several different types of worms which in itself was bad, but what worried the doctor, these worms were in adult stages. Poor little Kala was FILLED with parasites.  They could have only been passed through the mother who must have also been infected.  When she said she "had never seen a case this bad in her entire career", I knew how serious her condition was. 

Kala tired quickly.  It was impossible for Kala to obtain any nutrition from her food due to the severe parasite infection.  If this would have continued untreated, I doubt she would have survived.  Kala went through 3 strong deworming treatments, then 6 months later, retreated and again at one year.  We feed her the best foods.  She got her shots.  The doctor monitored her carefully and fell totally in love with Kala as we did.  As weak as she was during this time, Kala was adorable no matter how many exams and treatments she had to go through. 

I attempted to contact the breeder after this.  Her number had been disconnected.  I couldn't find her anywhere on the web as well.  It looked like someone had reported her or the vet clinic.  To be fair, she HAD taken the pups to a vet clinic and received deworming treatments.  (Kala had been treated twice according to the breeder.)  And yet how could she NOT notice the distress all those dogs were in. 

My anger to this day goes to the original vet that seen the puppies and issued the first treatments.  Of course in ALL THINGS IN LIFE, not all professionals are equal.  Not all vets are good honest vets.  I was lucky finding Doctor N. 

We moved when Kala was 4 years old making it impossible to continue seeing Doctor N.  I went through quite a few vet clinics with Kala until I felt that comfort zone and trust level that I had with her first vet.  I quickly learned, not all professionals are professional.

Kala did recover but paid a price for her rough beginning.  Her front leg nerves were weakened and anytime she got nervous or excited, it shook out of her control.   Kala always had trouble going to the bathroom, whether it was from nerves or health related.  Nothing a little butt wash didn't fix! It never mattered to me, she was family.


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