Adventures With Kala, Illustrated Books For Children

Enjoy Adventures with Kala, a sweet and sassy Aussie.

Adventures with Kala,  told in Kala’s point of view.  Mouse drawn illustrations and some actual photos let her stories come alive.
Kala is not just a cartoon but a real live Australian Shepherd from Ontario Canada.

She had a rough start in life, being raised by bad breeders who had more dogs than they could handle. But then she met Joe, her BHF, or best human friend. He took her to the doctor and got her all fixed up. Once she started feeling better, her adventures began.

Currently there are three books in the series. We Are Aussie, I Am Kala, and It’s Saturday.

More stories to come.

  •      The day she runs with a herd of wild deer.  A herd of deer and Kala run off and enjoy a day at the park.
  •      Kala goes on vacation.   Kala’s first time at a hotel.  Eating out every night, what could be better than this?
  •      Kala gets a little brother.  Kode joins the family and Kala is not happy about it.

Visit Kala’s website and download free coloring pages.  Interested in how the illustrations are based on her photos?  Check out Kala’s blog.


We Are Aussie

Mouse drawn illustrated ebook about Australian Shepherds as told from a dogs point of view.


I Am Kala

Mousedrawn illustrated child's ebook about an Australian Shepherd named Kala and her life as a puppy.


It's Saturday

Mouse drawn illustrated children's ebook online about an Australian Shepherd dog named Kala and weekend fun.



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